Deng Xiaoping & John Maynard Keynes

Introduction​The international importance of China’s economy is twofold. The first is practical - the scale of China’s economic growth, its global impact, and the consequences ...
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Europe’s crisis & the Euro – predicted in advance

IntroductionThe following article, published in September 1996, that is prior to the creation of the Euro, accurately predicted in advance from fundamental economic theory the ...
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China is right to maintain & tighten capital controls

​During 2017 China has been tightening its capital controls to prevent any export of capital from the country not required for legitimate business expansion - ...
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Why the economic reform succeeded in China & will fail in Russia and Eastern Europe

This article was written in April 1992 and originally published in Russian in September 1992 in Voprosy Economiki (Questions of Economics) in September 1992. The ...
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Economic growth & human well-being – the example of China

The following article analyses in detail the relation between economic growth and human well-being. Its focus is a comparison of China with developing and advanced ...
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The most important book on economic growth to have appeared for many years

Vu Minh Khuong's The Dynamics of Economic Growth is the most important book on world economic growth to have appeared for many years. It is for that reason (full ...
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