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Archive for May 2018

Reality & myth of the US ‘internet revolution’

​China is speeding up still further its ‘internet revolution.’ From the viewpoint of China’s overall economic strategy premier Li Keqiang has launched the concept of ‘Internet Plus’ – emphasising integrating the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things with manufacturing and e-commerce. To further boost Internet use the premier recently urged…

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Why did China grow so fast?

​My article ‘China’s socialist model outperforms capitalism’ established factually two key conclusions for global economic and social development. First, that the fastest growing economies since the putting forward in 1989 of the ‘Washington Consensus’ (excluding oil-production dominated economies or countries with populations  under 5 million) were not those following this model advocated by the IMF/World Bank…

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The American Way leads to Americans dying early

American politicians remorselessly claim that theirs is the ‘greatest country’ and the ‘American way’ is the best way. But if so it poses a puzzling question – ‘why do American’s die so young’? The significance of the question can easily be seen by looking at the facts. ​ Figure 1 show life expectancy in the…

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Deng Xiaoping – the world’s greatest economist

​August 22, 2014 was the 110th anniversary of the birth of Deng Xiaoping. Numerous achievements would ensure Deng Xiaoping a major position in China’s history – his role in shaping the People’s Republic of China, his steadfastness during persecution in the Cultural Revolution, his extraordinarily balanced attitude even after return to power towards the development…

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