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Archive for September 2017

NFL protests & victory of Steve Bannon’s candidate in Alabama shows deepening US political polarisation

  ​Two events in the US in last week – the victory of Steve Bannon backed candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama Republican Senate primary and the huge dispute around NFL players kneeling during the national anthem – confirm the deepening polarisation in US politics. The background which is driving this is the very slow growth in the US…

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German election again confirms increasing Western political turbulence

  The outcome of the 24 September German elections was dramatic itself. The Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union’s (CDU/CSU’s) 33% was its lowest percentage of the vote since the first election in West Germany in 1949. The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) result was even worse – at 20.5% it was the lowest vote ever…

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Communist Party of China studying Mao Zedong’s essays ‘On Contradiction’ and ‘On Practice’ ahead of Party Congress

  ​One of the more inaccurate ideas in the ‘Western’ media is that China is a capitalist country in which socialism and Marxism is just for show – a hangover from the past. This error is echoed in some ‘leftist’ circles in the West.The economic error in such analysis, and the mistakes it leads to in predictions regarding…

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Why do Cubans live longer than Americans?

Cubans live almost a year longer than Americans. So it must come as news to them that Trump says socialism in Cuba has produced ‘anguish and devastation and failure’. ​And as for China its citizens under socialism live 2.7 years longer than would be expected from its level of per capita GDP, whereas in the…

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