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Archive for August 2017

Why the Western definition of human rights is an absurd fraud

  ​There is an international discussion about the question of ‘human rights’ and I was asked to do an interview on this. So, this post, based on the interview, explains the real situation of why the West’s attempted definition of human rights is an absurd fraud – a mere propaganda distortion. ​*    *    * ​I want…

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Why do American’s want to die so young?

  American politicians relentlessly claim that theirs is the ‘greatest country’ and the ‘American way’ is the best way. But if so it poses a puzzling question – ‘why do American’s die so young’. This can be seen by looking at the facts. ​Life expectancy is the most sensitive of all indicators of overall social well…

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China successfully uses capital controls to rebuild foreign exchange reserves & block any threat to economic stability

  On 7 August the Financial Times carried an accurate front page headline ‘Beijing hails success in battle against capital flight’. The article noted: ‘Data released on Monday indicate that Beijing’s support for the renminbi and a crackdown on foreign dealmaking and other outflow channels have largely succeeded in curtailing capital flight…. At the same time, forex reserves rose for a sixth…

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