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Archive for August 2017

Opinion polls show a socialist is now the most popular politician in the United States

  ​An opinion poll has reaffirmed that the most popular politician in the US is a socialist – Bernie Sanders. As Vice reports: ‘A new poll found that among all other notable American senators, representatives, and even the president, Bernie Sanders reigns supreme as the most popular politician in the nation… ‘The Harvard-Harris Poll—an online survey conducted…

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China’s state owned enterprises (SOEs) show their strength

  The most fundamental source of confusion for Western commentators on China’s economy is that they mistakenly believe their own myth that China’s is a capitalist economy – not a socialist one. In fact China is clear that the state sector plays the leading role of the economy – something no capitalist economy does. The latest meeting…

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Bannon thinks he’s on vacation from the White House – but not that he has left it for good

  China’s foreign policy will, entirely correctly, take advantage of the departure of anti-China hawk Steve Bannon from the White House to attempt to continue to convince the Trump administration that the policy in the interests of both countries is a ‘win-win’ one. This policy is clearly correct whatever the immediate results. If, most favourably,…

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