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Archive for July 2017

‘A train that proclaims China’s global ambition’ – strengths and weaknesses of Philip Stephens Financial Times analysis of China’s ‘One Belt One Road’

  Much analysis in the Western media very much underestimates the significance of China’s One Belt One Road (B&R). The reason for this is that it is difficult for the West to adjust to a reality whereby the main locomotives of world growth are not in the US or Europe but in Asia and developing in…

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‘Seven charts that show how the developed world is losing its edge’ – a comment on Martin Wolf’s analysis

  Earlier this week I finished an article “Growth in the G7 ‘Great Stagnation’ Will be Slower than in the Great Depression“. It was for my column in Chinese at Sina Finance Opinion Leaders. By coincidence, but probably stimulated by similar developments, Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, wrote an article for that…

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Trump continues provocations against China

‘US calibrated provocation to China’ is the title of a  very informative  article by columnist Sajjad Malik. It outlines how Trump is ‘quietly’ but determinedly continuing his anti-China policy. It is worth quote the key passage. ‘Donald Trump might have lowered his anti-China rhetoric after the famed meeting with President Xi Jinping in Florida; however,…

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Indonesian translation of my article “G20 summit highlights new stage of China’s international ‘thought leadership’

  I am very pleased a translation into Indonesian of my article ‘G20 summit highlights new stage of China’s international “thought leadership”‘ has been published as ‘KTT G20 Menyoroti Tahap Baru ‘Kepemimpinan Pemikiran’ Internasional Tiongkok’. The translation is by Redaksi Dasar Kita, twitter ‘@DasarKita‘, to Bahasa (Indonesian) and it is published on ‘Dasar Kita’. The link is below:

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